Lizzie Hrycyniak – Kenosha News Article

Lizzie Hrycyniak, a young woman who is a parishioner at St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha has embarked on her missionary trip with The World Race. She was featured in an article for Cosmopolitan magazine (Orthodox Life Wisconsin link here) and on September 24 was featured in the Religion section of The Kenosha News. (Article by Karen Mahoney.)

“And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” — Mark 16:15

Lizzie Hrycyniak tries to live up to that verse.

She’s on the first leg of a nine-month journey in her life proclaiming and working for God in lands far, far away.

The 2016 Indian Trail High School graduate decided to take a gap year before attending college. She joined The World Race, a nine-month mission trip taking her to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Nepal and the Philippines. While on her mission she will spend time helping, teaching and preaching God’s love among diverse people.

She recently left Kenosha to spend months living out of a backpack and facing whatever challenges come her way.

It is long. It is far away. It is expensive, and it will be tough.

And she says she’s happier than she has ever been.

Sharing their faith

Hrycyniak, a light-hearted 18-year-old, is the only Orthodox Christian in a squad of 43 young men and women who joined The World Race: Gap Year, part of Adventures in Missions, an interdenominational organization.

“I love teaching my teammates about my faith while I can learn about theirs,” she said in an interview via Messenger from a McDonald’s in Costa Rica.

Hrycyniak’s father is the Rev. Stephen Hrycyniak, pastor of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. Click to read the full article.

Lizzie’s official World Race site (including fundraising) can be found here:


Lizzie Hrycyniak – Cosmopolitan feature & World Race

Lizzie Hrycyniak, a young parishioner at St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha, was just profiled in a feature of Cosmopolitan magazine highlighting the plans of ten high school students not planning on going to college immediately after high school graduation. The article can be found here: 10 Recent High School Grads on Why They Decided Not to Go to College. (She’s #8 on the list.)

Miss Hrycyniak is preparing to spend the next nine months with a Christian mission team with a program called The World Race. To find out more, or to help her endeavor, her World Race page can be found here:

Orthodox couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

On May 31st, Bronnie and Annabelle Stroud, parishioners at St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Green Bay, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. The milestone was celebrated by the parish and family, but also was documented by the Green Bay Press Gazette.

A 70-year marriage built on faith

When he leads the Sunday morning liturgy, Father Maximus Cabey needs only to gaze out to his congregation to find inspiration in the flesh.

“It’s being faithful through the thick and thin of life,” said Cabey, the rector at St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Green Bay.

That is how Cabey sees Bronnie and Annabelle Stroud. Not only are the Strouds regular attendees at Cabey’s church, but they also have the unusual distinction of being married 70 years.

Read the full article here:–faith/71984636/

Wishing the happy couple many more happy & blessed years!

Wausau Daily Herald article – “What Is Orthodox Christianity?”

An article by Rev. Edward Batchko, who is Priest at the Kursk-Root Icon Orthodox Church in Edgar, Wisconsin (near Wausau)

Little is known about Orthodox Christianity in America unless you come from a family whose ethnic background comes from a country with strong Orthodox roots. In America, awareness of the Orthodox Church and its teachings is so scarce and misunderstood to the extent that some groups judge it as not Christian at all! This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is the second largest group of Christians in the world, with approximately 300 million members worldwide, second only to Roman Catholicism. Approximately 3 million of those 300 million live in America, and the number is growing.


A new ramp at St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha

St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha was recently the beneficiary of a work team from Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, who built a ramp up to the main entrance of the church.  This ramp makes the church much more accessible for parishoners who may have trouble walking or otherwise negotiating stairs.

“At the invitation of Charlotte’s Father Bill Mills, Sam Salloum and I started a conversation in March 2014 about a project that would make Saint Nicholas Church handicapped accessible,” said Kenosha’s Father Stephen Hrycyniak. “A team of five agreed to come to Kenosha and offer a week of their time to build a 100 foot ramp if our parishioners could come up with the cost of materials. I approached our council and parishioners; everyone was largely supportive and generously donated toward the project.”

The “Charlotte Five” arrived in Kenosha on Sunday, June 29, and within a week, the parish boasted a beautifully constructed ramp.

Read the entire article at the Midwest Diocese site


This ramp is the beginning of a larger project to improve the accessibility of St. Nicholas.  The next phases will include building off-street parking spaces and a sidewalk that lead directly to the ramp in order to further facilitate those who may have mobility problems.

To donate to this project, please contact St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha.