Orthodox couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

On May 31st, Bronnie and Annabelle Stroud, parishioners at St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Green Bay, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. The milestone was celebrated by the parish and family, but also was documented by the Green Bay Press Gazette.

A 70-year marriage built on faith

When he leads the Sunday morning liturgy, Father Maximus Cabey needs only to gaze out to his congregation to find inspiration in the flesh.

“It’s being faithful through the thick and thin of life,” said Cabey, the rector at St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Green Bay.

That is how Cabey sees Bronnie and Annabelle Stroud. Not only are the Strouds regular attendees at Cabey’s church, but they also have the unusual distinction of being married 70 years.

Read the full article here: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/life/faith/2015/09/10/70-year-marriage-built–faith/71984636/

Wishing the happy couple many more happy & blessed years!


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