A new ramp at St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha

St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha was recently the beneficiary of a work team from Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, who built a ramp up to the main entrance of the church.  This ramp makes the church much more accessible for parishoners who may have trouble walking or otherwise negotiating stairs.

“At the invitation of Charlotte’s Father Bill Mills, Sam Salloum and I started a conversation in March 2014 about a project that would make Saint Nicholas Church handicapped accessible,” said Kenosha’s Father Stephen Hrycyniak. “A team of five agreed to come to Kenosha and offer a week of their time to build a 100 foot ramp if our parishioners could come up with the cost of materials. I approached our council and parishioners; everyone was largely supportive and generously donated toward the project.”

The “Charlotte Five” arrived in Kenosha on Sunday, June 29, and within a week, the parish boasted a beautifully constructed ramp.

Read the entire article at the Midwest Diocese site


This ramp is the beginning of a larger project to improve the accessibility of St. Nicholas.  The next phases will include building off-street parking spaces and a sidewalk that lead directly to the ramp in order to further facilitate those who may have mobility problems.

To donate to this project, please contact St. Nicholas Church in Kenosha.


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